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The majority of vehicle owners believe they can do no better than have the dealer service their equipment, or alternatively follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

While both these methods should produce acceptable results, it doesn’t produce the benchmark for efficiency and longevity! And far too often, problems arise!

Pro Maintenance Additives distribute a range of highly concentrated, low "treat rate" fuel and oil additives that will save you $1000’s in repairs and maintenance over the life of your equipment, and gain many more $1000’s in resale value. These additives are a product of over 30 years of research, development and testing in real-life situations, including long-haul transport operations, large scale mining, and off-road motoring.

Is your vehicle or machine suffering from one of these common engine, driveline or mechanical problems?

Pro Maintenance Additives can help with...

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Engine blow-by:

Compression pressure in the combustion chamber escaping into the crankcase past stuck piston rings and/or glazed bores, over-pressurizes the crankcase. Engine blow-by causes all sorts of exasperation for truckers and heavy machinery operators, as well as every-day car and light commercial vehicle owners! Usually engine blow-by entails a very expensive engine rebuild - often setting you back anywhere up to $50,000, depending on the machine. Excessive engine oil use is also typically associated with crankcase blow-by. What is the fundamental cause for this condition of stuck piston rings and glazed cylinder bores, and how can it be solved without  costing the earth? The answer is [...]

Problem solved with Truckers Blowby Pack!


Exhaust smoke:

If your vehicle or machine has exhaust smoke coming from anywhere, you have a problem!

The color of diesel (and often gasoline) engine exhaust smoke and when it occurs can tell you a lot about your engine’s condition. Basically, there are three types of smoke […]

Problem solved with Ultimate Gasoline Pack!


Excessive engine oil use:

Normally this is a problem caused by fouling deposits in the combustion chamber. These deposits are often carbon from  unburnt fuel. Over time they can become rock hard and can cause significant damage to the internals of an engine, including turbochargers. Carbon deposits are found as injector carbon, cylinder glaze, top piston ring deposits, and in such areas as the cylinder head, exhaust valves  and ports, turbochargers and exhaust systems. Excessive engine oil use is a common problem [...]


Common Rail Diesel injector rattle:

Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Injected engines have been developed and introduced to meet the latest emission standards. Wonderful news for the world we live in! However, with the addition of this new technology and the introduction and constant modification of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, there are a flood of horror stories about CRD problems. The most common of these is [...]

Problem solved with CRD Fuel Enhancer!


Overheating engine:

Very often one major component is totally overlooked when searching for a solution to overheating problems - the engine lubrication system! After thoroughly checking the usual suspects of an engine cooling system, and often spending large amounts of cash on larger, Hi-Flow big core radiators, hi-efficiency water pumps, new fan hubs, different thermo-fans,  'performance' thermostats etc., many operators still experience engine overheating under load, especially with diesel engines. Were you aware that engine oil plays as just a critical role in dissipating heat from an engine as does the coolant? [...]

Problem solved with Flushing Oil Concentrate!


Transmission and driveline problems:

Stiff, notchy gear shifts, engine/gear rattles, gearbox and diff whines, overheated transmissions and diffs, shuddering hydraulics...

The greater the size and the number of moving parts, the greater the power loss through component mass and frictional forces. This consumes a large amount of the fuel’s otherwise available power. This applies to engines as well as transmissions and differentials, even hydraulics. What can be done to reduce friction and increase the operational life of components [...]


Advanced Preventative Maintenance

Advanced Preventative Maintenance can save you large amounts of money, stress and frustration. Advanced preventative maintenance takes the normal recommended maintenance and log book type service regime, and pushes it up to the next level. By using these decades-tested and proven superior industrial grade fuel and oil chemicals, numerous long term benefits are achieved, including longer operational life, greater performance, significant improvements in efficiency, and lower operating and repair costs.

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