Cleanpower is the remarkably effective complete fuel system and injector cleaner.

Most injectors don’t need replacing … Just a thorough clean. Cleanpower does that!

  • Effectively cleans fuel injectors, fuel pumps & carburetors.

  • Maximizes fuel efficiency & power.

  • Decreases diesel exhaust smoke.

  • Easier starting - hot & cold.

  • Smooth engine operation at idle to full RPM’s.

  • 8 ounces treats up to 500 gallons of fuel.

  • Concentrated formula for low treat-cost

32oz treats 2000 U.S. Gallons or 7600 Liters of gasoline or diesel fuel!

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment (super concentrated) fuel injector cleaner can be used to restore power, fuel efficiency and driving pleasure in all engines.

It is a terrific GASOLINE INJECTOR CLEANER – all fuel injected, carburettor, 4 stroke or 2 stroke, and is also a highly effective DIESEL INJECTOR CLEANER - all 2 stroke and 4 stroke diesels.

Incomplete Combustion Causes Many Engine Problems

The combustion chamber of an Internal Combustion Engine is an incredibly volatile environment. Temperatures can be around 1200°F, and pressures can be around 800 PSI. Enormous fuel-generated explosions occur anywhere between 10 and 110+ times per second. Everything has to work just right - or problems can easily begin and continue to get worse over time.

When things go wrong, the first thing to be affected is combustion efficiency. Inadequate combustion efficiency causes major problems in an Internal Combustion Engine. One instance of this is a fouled injector. This is usually always caused by deposits from incomplete combustion of the fuel. It is a circular effect - incomplete combustion produces residual deposits in the combustion chamber, these deposits adhere to the injector tip, the dirty fuel injector then creates an abnormal fuel spray pattern, which causes an even worse combustion process, increasing the amount of residual deposits.

Poor Gas Mileage, Low Power, Hard To Start

As these deposits build up on your fuel injectors, they will no longer function as they should. The fuel injection spray pattern will be adversly affected. The fuel becomes more difficult to ignite and burns less effeciently. This inefficiency causes a long list of problems, but is mostly seen as poor fuel mileage, harder starts, less power, and higher harmful emissions.

Deposits also form on pistons, valves, cylinder head and turbocharger. Piston rings become stuck in their grooves, allowing oil consumption to increase, and cause further (oil related) deposits. Hard deposits form on the back of valves and on the valve seat area. Valve failure can result. Wear increases on all critical components. In short, the wear rate of the engine is dramatically accelerated!

Cleanpower - Low Cost Solution to Fuel Injector Problems

Cleanpower - the ultimate in cleaning complete fuel systems. Detergent based (not corrosive and abrasive solvents), it effectively removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. It eliminates rough idle and provides smoother operation throughout the full rev-range. It contains an upper cylinder lubricant to keep cylinders and pistons cooler, and reduce wear. Cleanpower is a super-concentrated formula, making it an extremely low cost solution to many fuel injection problems - both gasoline and diesel.

Product recommendations:

  • 8oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

  • 16oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

Suitable for cars & small to medium SUV's, etc

8+16oz Both.JPG
  • 32oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

  • 64oz F-Style bottle

Suitable for trucks, RV's, 4 Wheel-drives, etc

  • 1 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 2.5 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 20 Liter Jerry Can

Suitable for large trucks & machinery, Fleet & workshops etc

CP 1 & 2.5 G F + 20L.JPG

To determine which is the right size for your application, click here

Make measuring and dispensing from Single Neck bottles so much easier - add EZYPOR at the shopping cart!

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