Engine Blow-by

What causes Engine Blow-by?

Engine blow-by is caused by compression pressure in the combustion chamber escaping into the crankcase past stuck piston rings and/or glazed bores, and consequently over-pressurizing the crankcase. This condition can cause all sorts of exasperation for truckers and heavy machinery operators, as well as every-day car, boat and light commercial vehicle owners! Usually engine blow-by would suggest a very expensive engine rebuild - often setting you back anywhere up to $50,000, depending on the machine. Excessive engine oil use and oil seal leaks are also typically associated with crankcase blow-by.

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Extreme engine blow-by

So what is the fundamental cause for this condition of stuck piston rings and glazed cylinder bores? The answer - In the vast majority of cases the engines are heavily fouled with CARBON and SLUDGE!

That's the bad news...

What fixes Engine Blow-by?

Here's the good news - You don't have to spend huge amounts of hard earned money and lose valuable time having a complete engine rebuild. The solution is to restore the engine to a clean and carbon free condition - without hardly raising a wrench to it! Low cost, no downtime! Use Flushing Oil Concentrate with FTC Decarbonizer, and in the vast majority of cases, your engine will reduce blow-by and oil use. Low cost, and the problem is solved while you continue to operate your vehicle or machine! This is the engine blowby fix!

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Piston carbon and sludge causing engine blow-by

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