CRD Fuel Enhancer

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CRD Fuel Enhancer: The most effective fuel system treatment for Common Rail Diesels

  • Save $ on expensive CRD fuel injector & pump repair costs

  • Eliminate or minimize injector rattle

  • Protection against contaminated diesel

  • Boosts diesel lubricity

  • Anti-corrosion protection for pumps and injectors

  • Diesel Particulate Filter Compatible

  • Restores power & economy

32oz treats 2000 U.S. Gallons or 7600 Liters of diesel fuel!

Welcome to the 21st century! With it comes an ever increasing demand to reduce harmful emissions that contaminate the world we live in. Hence the introduction of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and the design and implementaion of the Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Injection System for diesel powered engines. Gone are the days of the oil-burning, smoke-belching, smelly, diesel powered engines of last century. Say Hello to such terms as Variable Nozzle Injector, Pressure Amplification, Closed Loop Control, Optimized Nozzle Technology, Multiple Pulse Per Cycle, and Ad Blue Injectors. These are all a part of the CRD technology that power most of today's diesel powered vehicles.

However, with the higher technical performance levels required of the injection systems, the demands placed on the fuel in terms of purity and quality have also risen. As a consequence, the fuel must comply with pre-defined values for viscosity and lubricity, as components of the high pressure pumps and injectors are lubricated entirely by the fuel. Being  free of any contamination that would lead to abrasive damage at the extremely high pressures involved is paramount to correct fuel delivery.

Major Problems With Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel

That is often where the problem starts. With modern diesel fuel having to meet the latest emission standards, stipulating that diesel fuel sulphur to be set at a very low level (from 5000ppm a few years ago, to 15ppm currently), it just happens to compound another problem…lubricity. At a time when fuel pumps and injectors rely even more on diesel fuel for lubrication, it has actually reduced. Because of the extremely fine tolerances in CRD systems, they are incredibly susceptible to fuel contamination. Very small amounts of water or contamination will wreck pumps and injectors. CRD Injectors often stick because of inherently low lubricity of the diesel fuel. This condition causes "Injector Rattle" - an audible 'machinegun-like' noise from the engine. This condition is very serious and requires immediate attention to avoid expensive damage (Think sticking injectors causing gross over-fueling resulting in melted pistons!).

Repairing Modern Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Can Be Expensive

CRD Injectors and Fuel pumps are very expensive ($2000 per injector is not uncommon). They run incredibly fine tolerances, and are highly stressed due to enormous pressures and high temperatures. Compared to older technology diesel fuel systems, they are totally unforgiving. They’re pretty much non-repairable, so it usually means new components.

Common problems with CRD Injector systems are:

  • Clogged injectors caused by contaminants - incorrect spray patterns cause a host of problems including loss of engine power, poor performance, excessive diesel smoke, excessive fuel consumption.

  • Seized injectors due to lack of lubrication - caused by Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel, produces over-fuelling which creates detonation inside the combustion chamber, which, if not corrected, will result in melted pistons! BIG $$$

Repairing diesel injector rattle problems can be incredibly expensive!  – try CRD Fuel Enhancer before you rebuild!

Prevent Diesel Fuel Related Problems  - Use CRD Fuel Enhancer

CRD Fuel Enhancer is the real life FIX for most Common Rail Diesel problems. CRD Fuel Enhancer cleans fuel pump and injector deposits, and disperses contaminants as they form. This highly concentrated product is proven to clean the entire fuel system, restore power and economy, boost diesel fuel lubrication properties, and provide exceptional anti-rust protection to fuel pumps and injectors. It is a total CRD fuel system treatment! Use it before problems arise...

It is designed specifically for Common Rail Diesels and is recommended as a routine preventative step for all CRD engines, but can be used in any diesel powered engine. It is not recommended for gasoline engines.

Product recommendations:

  • 8oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

  • 16oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

Suitable for cars & small to medium SUV's, etc

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  • 32oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

  • 64oz F-Style bottle

Suitable for trucks, RV's, 4 Wheel-drives, etc

CRD 32oz both + 64F.JPG
  • 1 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 2.5 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 20 Liter Jerry Can

Suitable for large trucks & machinery, Fleet & workshops etc

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To determine which is the right size for your application, click here

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