Excessive Engine Oil Use

Normally this is a problem caused by fouling deposits in the combustion chamber. These deposits are often carbon from unburnt fuel. Over time they can become rock hard and can cause significant damage to the internals of an engine, including turbochargers.

Glazed cylinders, stuck piston rings

Carbon deposits usually can be found as injector carbon, cylinder glaze, top piston ring deposits, and in such areas as the cylinder head, exhaust valves and ports, turbochargers and exhaust systems. As these deposits increase, the common problems are...

  • Glazed cylinder bores

  • Stuck piston rings

  • Black sludgy engine oil

  • Turbocharger failure - bearing, vane or seal failure

  • and eventually results in excessive wear in crankshaft bearings, rings, cylinder bores and liners, valve stems, camshafts and other critical parts.

excessive engine oil use, cylinder glaze, glazed bore, piston ring, stuck piston rings

Carbon-glazed cylinder bore

...all of which add up to unnecessary BIG $$$ being spent on major repairs.


That's the bad news...

Reduce or stop excessive engine oil use

Here's the good news - FTC Decarbonizer promotes the ability to safely burn off carbon deposits from anywhere touched by the combustion flame. FTC Decarbonizer acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces. It will gently remove carbon so hard, that it would have to be chiselled off at overhaul. The removal off all carbon deposits from an engine has many advantages, including

  • Reduce or stop oil consumption

  • Reduce or stop black smoke, blue smoke and white smoke

  • Extend life of turbochargers, catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters (DPF’s), engine valves, EGR valves, emission control equipment

Heavily carboned turbocharger

Prevent an engine rebuild

This is a unique chemical, and it is not to be confused with injector cleaners and fuel conditioners.  There are now thousands of customers who have prevented an engine rebuild by using FTC Decarbonizer. Bear in mind that many engines when rebuilt are not excessively worn, but they are heavily fouled, and these are the ones that can be restored chemically. It is highly recommended for all engines, so long as they are in sound condition. FTC Decarbonizer will reduce oil consumption in an engine that is carbon fouled, but not worn badly. It will also kill and control fuel algae, fungi and bacteria that clog fuel filters, wreck fuel pumps and injectors, and more.

Does FTC Decarbonizer really work? Yes, it does!  Find out here

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Use FTC Decarbonizer with Flushing Oil Concentrate to achieve maximum results. Prevent an engine rebuild - use these products first.

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