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Flushing Oil Concentrate

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Created to restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engine internals (diesel and gasoline), Flushing Oil Concentrate has saved thousands of engines from expensive rebuilds.

  • Eliminates engine sludge & hard carbon

  • Releases stuck piston rings

  • Reduces smoke, blowby & oil use

  • Restores cylinder compression

  • Stops diesel engine oil going black straight after an oil change

  • Use in all engines, transmissions & diffs

Lubricating oil has 2 often-overlooked, yet very important functional requirements -  It has to COOL and it has to CLEAN the components it is in contact with. Full, unrestricted flow of clean oil to all parts is essential to provide proper cooling ability to the engine. Amazingly, this duty is almost universally ignored by mechanics investigating over-heating issues in engines, be it diesel or gasoline.

Contaminated Oil Destroys Engines FAST

The problem is that contaminants (soot, carbon, wear particles) suspended in oil act as an abrasive, like a grinding paste, but on a smaller scale. Between two sliding surfaces (e.g. piston ring and cylinder bore, or bearing and journal), the presence of suspended contaminants can create abrasive wear. The more contaminants, the greater the potential for accelerated wear. Always make a mental note of the oil’s degree of discoloration. The darker it is, the more contaminants it holds, and the less its ability to protect your engine and the greater likelihood of premature failure.

Flushing Oil Concentrate, removes engine sludge and hard carbon, reduces blowby

Destructive sludge buildup in a crankcase

Most Effective Treatment To Remove Destructive Sludge

The fastest and most cost effective solution to this potentially disastrous problem is to use Flushing Oil Concentrate at the recommended treatment rate. Flushing Oil Concentrate is added to the oil just prior to an oil change to remove deposits and re-suspend sludge. It will thoroughly revitalize a heavily sludged engine. Flushing Oil Concentrate contains a highly concentrated selection of detergents and dispersants (not solvents that can cause problems with oil seals, O-rings, etc.) which enable lubricating oils to pick up and suspend deposits as a fine dispersion. In such a way, sludge, gum, dirt and wear metals are removed with the oil change.

Flushing Oil Concentrate is possibly the most effective treatment in removing harmful and performance draining sludge, hard carbon and other contaminants and deposits from oil-wetted engine components. Not only does it restore full cleanliness to the entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge, but it also frees up stuck piston rings, restoring compression and oil control. Give your engine every chance of a long and serviceable life.

Product recommendations:

  • 8oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

Suitable for cars & small to medium SUV's, etc

8oz both.JPG
  • 16oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

Suitable for trucks, RV's, 4 Wheel-drives, etc

16 both.JPG
Flushing Oil Concentrate, removes engine sludge, hard carbon deposits, restores cylinder compression, reduces engine blowby

Mazda CX-7 engine sludge at least 1/2" thick

  • 32oz Twin Neck or Single Neck bottle

  • 64oz F-Style bottle

Suitable for large trucks & machinery, small truck or machinery fleet, etc

FOC 32oz both + 64oz F.JPG
  • 1 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 2.5 Gallon F-Style bottle

  • 20 Liter Jerry Can

Suitable for large truck or machinery, fleet, workshops etc

FOC 1 & 2.5 G + 20L.JPG

To determine which is the right size for your application, click here

For detailed information on how to achieve the best result using Flushing Oil Concentrate, click here.

Make measuring and dispensing from Single Neck bottles so much easier - add EZYPOR at the shopping cart!

Treatment instructions: Initial treatment/Dirty engines - Bring engine to FULL operating temperature. Drain old oil and refill with new, clean oil (this can be cheap oil for this purpose). Operate the engine to warm up the oil again, then add Flushing Oil Concentrate to engine oil at 0.5oz (12.5ml) per 1 quart of engine oil. Run the engine at a fast idle, stationary, for 45 minutes. For most small and medium type engines, this means 1500-2000 RPM. For larger truck type engines (e.g. Series 60 Detroits, Cats, Macks, Cummins, etc), run at about 1200 RPM. Drain the engine oil and replace oil filter. Refill with quality engine oil.

Routine maintenance - Bring engine to FULL operating temperature. Add Flushing Oil Concentrate to engine oil at 0.1oz (2.5ml) per 1 quart of engine oil 30 - 60 minutes before oil change. Drive/operate normally. Continue with normal oil change. Click here for more details.