Flushing Oil Concentrate & Cleanpower Value Pack

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Save money by purchasing these products at a discounted combination Value Pack price!

4 Value Pack sizes to choose from...

The clever way to purchase 2 of the most popular products, at a value-for-money price! Reinvigorate your entire engine - remove sludge and hard carbon  from from all oil-wetted parts of the engine, and restore power and performance by thoroughly cleaning the fuel system - injectors and fuel pump! A perfect combination pack for both gasoline and diesel powered engines.

Avoid potentially disastrous engine problems

Contaminants build up in engine oil. In time, these contaminants can settle out, and as they do, they will block oil galleries and form deposits on critical engine parts . At best, this will reduce an engine’s performance and life, and at worst, it can be potentially disastrous to an engine. When the oil is too heavily contaminated, the contaminants clump together, increase in size and mass, sludge and deposits rapidly accumulate and can eventually even bake onto the internal engine components, usually causing engine failure if not removed.

Low power and poor fuel economy problems

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One of the main causes of poor fuel economy/gas mileage and sluggish performance from modern engines is fouled fuel injectors - both gasoline and diesel. Gasoline and diesel fuels today don’t combust as well as in the past, particularly due to modern manufacturing processes and the blending-in of various emission control agents. This situation contributes to excessive deposit formation in fuel systems and combustion and exhaust spaces.

This Value Pack contains 2 very effective products to ensure your vehicle's engine lubrication and fuel injector system - be it your car, truck, RV, boat or machine, is kept clean and operating as it should.

The pack contains:

  • Cleanpower - the ultimate in cleaning complete fuel systems. It removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. It eliminates engine rough idle and provides smoother operation throughout the full rev-range. It contains an upper cylinder lubricant to keep cylinders and pistons cooler, and reducing wear.

  • Flushing Oil Concentrate - Use it at the time of engine oil change. This unique product totally removes oil contaminants, including sludge, diesel soot and other particles that act as heat-retaining, abrasive, component destroying substances, including hard carbon buildup that could only be chiseled off during a rebuild! It opens up oil galleries allowing oil to do its job - lubricate, cool and clean! And, it frees sticking piston rings! Assists in fixing engine blow-by.

Invest in this product combination - save on the individual purchase cost, and save on costly and time consuming repairs from common problems found in many diesel and gasoline engines - dirty/clogged fuel injectors, low fuel mileage, loss of engine power, exhaust smoke...

This combination Value Pack has 4 different sizes available - for use by the small vehicle owner through to the fleet owner/operator.


To determine which is the right size for your application, click here

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Value Pack 2

16oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

32oz Cleanpower

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Value Pack 3

32oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

64oz Cleanpower

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Value Pack 4

1 Gallon Flushing Oil Concentrate

1 Gallon Cleanpower

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