Overheating Engine

It’s been said that more than half of all engine failures can be traced to cooling system problems. The cooling system is a complex mix of components, and very often one major component is totally overlooked when searching for a solution to overheating problems - the engine lubrication system! After thoroughly checking the usual suspects of an engine cooling system, and often spending large amounts of cash on larger, High Flow big core radiators, hi-efficiency water pumps, new fan hubs, different thermo-fans,  'performance' thermostats etc., many operators still experience engine overheating under load, especially with diesel engines.

A major cause of engine overheating...

Were you aware that engine oil plays as just a critical role in dissipating heat from an engine as does the coolant!? Typically, engine oil travels the entire lubricating system of an engine in around 5 seconds. That's not very much time to lubricate, clean, and cool before it's returned to the same hostile environment - especially the underside of pistons (the hottest lubricated component). Oil cleanliness is vital, as any sludge can restrict the flow of oil under the pistons and through the oil filter and oil galleries and reduce its cooling effect. Just as important is component cleanliness.

Carbon in piston ring grooves acts as insulation which reduces heat transfer from the ring to the piston, and then to the oil. Deposits on the underside of piston skirts also insulate against heat transfer. The black soot that accumulates in diesel oil readily absorbs heat, but doesn’t dissipate it as easily, and consequently is also a major factor in overheating.


That's the bad news...

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Heat absorbing carbon on piston

Fix chronic overheating with Flushing Oil Concentrate

Here's the good news - before you spend big bucks on hi-performance components that may only make a very small difference to your engine overheating problem, use Flushing Oil Concentrate as recommended to target the most persistent sludge and all hard baked on carbon to restore pristine cleanliness to all oil-wetted parts of the engine. It’s more than just a rinse; it's a full-on cleaner, and it solves the chronic overheating problem. Nothing else matches it. Seriously!

Treatment instructions: Initial treatment/Dirty engines - Bring engine to FULL operating temperature. Drain old oil and refill with new, clean oil (this can be cheap oil for this purpose). Operate the engine to warm up the oil again, then add Flushing Oil Concentrate to engine oil at 0.5oz (12.5ml) per 1 quart of engine oil. Run the engine at a fast idle, stationary, for 45 minutes. For most small and medium type engines, this means 1500-2000 RPM. For larger truck type engines (e.g. Series 60 Detroits, Cats, Macks, Cummins, etc), run at about 1200 RPM. Drain the engine oil and replace oil filter. Refill with quality engine oil.

Routine maintenance - Bring engine to FULL operating temperature. Add Flushing Oil Concentrate to engine oil at 0.1oz (2.5ml) per 1 quart of engine oil 30 - 60 minutes before oil change. Drive/operate normally. Continue with normal oil change. Click here for more details.

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For detailed information on how to achieve the best result using Flushing Oil Concentrate, click here.

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