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Here you can find information about common problems associated with the everyday operation of most types of vehicles and machinery. Also, you will find which of our recommended products that will solve those problems, as well as scientific information about some of our most effective and unique products. Just click on a topic that you need help with...

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Engine Blow-by

  • What is the main cause of engine blow-by?

  • Is it expensive to fix?

  • Does engine blow-by always mean a complete engine tear down and rebuild?

A Real Solution to Engine Blow-by

  • What role do hard carbon deposits play in causing engine blow-by?

  • How do I get rid of heavy, baked-on carbon that causes piston rings to stick?

  • Can I do something about it now before it completely destroys my engine?

Does FTC Decarbonizer Really Work?

  • Can FTC Decarbonizer extend the life of my engine?

  • Where can I see results of the benefits of using FTC Decarbonizer?

  • Does FTC Decarbonizer really deglaze cylinder bores?

The Science Behind FTC Decarbonizer

  • What is the background of FTC Decarbonizer?

  • Has FTC Decarbonizer been scientifically tested and analyzed?

  • Will FTC Decarbonizer harm my engine?

How Much Do I Need?

  • How do I know how much of each product to add to my fuel or oil?

  • Which size bottle is best for my particular application?

  • How long will a particular product last before I need to add some more?

How Do I Use Flushing Oil Concentrate?

  • How is Flushing Oil Concentrate different from other 'off-the-shelf' products?

  • How good is it at thoroughly cleaning and de-sludging my engine?

  • Is there a specific way to use Flushing Oil Concentrate to get the very best results?

Exhaust Smoke

  • What does exhaust smoke tell me about my engine?

  • Is there a cost effective way to to stop exhaust smoke?

  • What does white exhaust smoke mean when I start my diesel truck?

Excessive Engine Oil Use

  • What causes my engine to use oil?

  • Is there a way to deglaze my engine cylinders without tearing the engine down?

  • How can I free up the piston rings so they seal properly again?

Poor Fuel Mileage & Performance

  • What is the cause of decreasing fuel mileage from my engine?

  • How critical is it that the engine's fuel injectors be kept clean and free of deposits?

  • What is a low cost way to increase fuel mileage and performance from my engine?

Common Rail Diesel Injector Rattle

  • What is one of the main problems caused by today's Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel fuel?

  • How to keep modern diesel engines from having expensive fuel system problems.

  • What is the low cost solution to low sulphur diesel fuel dilemmas?

Overheating Engine

  • How does oil help cool an engine?

  • What happens when sludge and other contaminants build up inside the engine?

  • How do I effectively remove engine-destroying sludge and grit without disassembly?

Transmission & Driveline Problems

  • How can I effectively reduce the heat coming from my transmission?

  • What causes lubricating oil to break down?

  • How to increase oil’s load carrying ability without increasing its viscosity (or drag).

Hard To Start Cold Diesel Engines

  • What causes diesel engines to become harder to start, especially during winter?

  • What can I do to fix the hard starting problem with my diesel engine?

  • What can be done to increase combustion efficiency in all engines?

Diesel Particulate Filter Excessive Regeneration

  • Why are 'forced regenerations' of a Diesel Particulate Filter bad for a modern diesel engine?

  • What is the root cause of all the DPF problems my vehicle has?

  • How does FTC Decarbonizer virtually eliminate the soot and ash that accumulates on DPF's?

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Low Oil Pressure Warning

  • Why does my engine oil pressure light sometimes come on?

  • What are some problems caused by extended oil drain intervals?

  • What is a low cost way of effectively removing damaging sludge from an engine?

Diesel Engine Oil Soot, Carbon & Blow-by Issues

  • Why does inefficient combustion in an engine cause so many major problems?

  • How does the type of operation affect an engine?

  • What is an effective way to overcome many of these serious problems?

Messy, Inaccurate Mixing

  • What size bottle does EZYPOR fit?

  • How do I use the EZYPOR Liquid Measure?

  • What other applications can I use EZYPOR for?

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