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AW10 Antiwear is developed to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction/heat reduction. Suitable in all engines, transmissions, diffs and hydraulics!

  • Boosts oil strength
  • Reduces wear, friction, and operating temperatures
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Suitable for all engines, transmissions, power steering, diffs and hydraulic applications
  • Ideal protection for automatics when towing
  • Smoother gear changes
  • Reduces stress in all components


Fast & Free shipping to the lower 48 States.

Canadian customers - if it helps, we can also ship to any USA destination (Lower 48 States) for on-forwarding by a carrier of your choice. Free shipping applies within the contiguous USA. Ask us for details.

AW10 Antiwear

Available Sizes
Add EZYPOR Measure (Qty) $9.95 each
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    IMPORTANT INFORMATION - EZYPOR Measure only fits 8oz, 16oz, & 32oz Bottles. It does not fit the larger bottles!