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Truckers Blow-by Pack

Save money by purchasing these products at a discounted combination Value Pack price!

4 Value Pack sizes to choose from...

Is this your truck, machine, car, RV or boat - using a lot of engine oil, extensive blow-by, loss of power, exhaust smoke, problems with the Diesel Particulate Filter or Exhaust Gas Recirculator, turbocharger not doing its job?

Have you been told an engine rebuild is the only solution to your dilemma?

Weeks off the road! Thousands of dollars in repair costs!

Before you go down that expensive road, try the Truckers Blow-by Pack first.

In most cases, this fixes your problem!

Engine Blow-by - does it need  a rebuild?

Excessive engine oil use, carbon, sludge, Truckers blowby pack, engine blowby

Piston carbon and sludge causing engine blow-by

The Truckers Blow-by Pack includes two very effective additives designed specifically to overcome engine blow-by and excessive engine oil use, avoiding an engine rebuild.

  • Flushing Oil Concentrate allows operators to restore full cleanliness to the entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge and freeing sticking piston rings to restore cylinder compression and control engine blow-by.

  • FTC Decarbonizer safely burns off cylinder glaze and carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces (including turbochargers). Over time, it restores and maintains a clean top piston ring groove for ongoing compression control, as well as oxidizing hard-carbon cylinder glaze. The ongoing benefit of continuing to use FTC Decarbonizer will avoid these carbon-related problems returning.

A low cost fix for many engines with blow-by

 "I want to thank you for putting out a product I can truly say has saved me money... I used the FTC Decarbonizer and the Flushing Oil Concentrate, and was blown away with the results of my first application. Before I put the additives in the vehicle, I truly thought I was going to have to take it apart. I ran it for a month and during that time, I noticed less and less blow-by ... I just wanted to let you know what good products you have. Sincerely Rich M."   Swansea, IL


4 combination sizes available depending on determined need.

To determine which is the right size for your application, click here

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Medium Pack  

2.5 Gallons FTC Decarbonizer

32oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

pro maintenance additives, cost effective maintenance, dirty oil, black oil, fix blowby

Large Pack                   

20 Liters FTC  Decarbonizer

32oz Flushing Oil Concentrate

Truckers blowby pack, fix blowby, engine sludge, using oil

Need help determining which Pack best suits your needs? - contact us and we'll help you work it out!

Make measuring and dispensing from Single Neck bottles so much easier - add EZYPOR at the shopping cart!

Click here for examples of controlled, long term field test results of using FTC Decarbonizer

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