Ultimate Diesel Pack

This Value Pack is designed as a whole-of-vehicle pack; it is the ultimate in safeguarding your diesel-powered vehicle or machine  against increased stress and wear on all major components, including all lubricated parts (comprising engine, transmission, differential, final drive, power steering and hydraulics), as well as restoring and cleaning the complete fuel system (fuel pump, injectors, fuel lines), combustion spaces and exhaust system (turbocharger, catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter, emission sensors, etc). This combination of products is designed to restore or maintain 'like-new' performance, and significantly increase the service life of the vehicle or machine and its components.

Save money by purchasing these products at a discounted combination Value Pack price!

2 Value Pack sizes to choose from...

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Heavily fouled Diesel Particulate Filter

The very best, long term protection for the entire vehicle

This Ultimate Diesel Pack contains all the essential products to ensure your vehicle - car, truck, RV, boat or machine, can have the very best long-term protection available! The pack contains:

  • AW10 Antiwear - the very best protection you can give to any oil-lubricated component; engine, transmission (auto or manual), differential, power steering. It provides a massive increase to the oil strength and lubrication properties. It reduces stress and operational friction , thus reducing heat build up, and providing much smoother component operation.

  • CRD Fuel Enhancer - the ultimate in cleaning complete diesel fuel systems. It removes fouling deposits in fuel injectors, even stubborn ones, that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch. It eliminates engine rough idle and provides smoother operation throughout the full rev-range. It contains an upper cylinder lubricant to keep cylinders and pistons cooler, and reducing wear. CRD Fuel Enhancer is the perfect solution to the low lubricity problem faced by ultra low sulphur diesel fuel used in modern CRD diesel engines!

  • FTC Decarbonizer - acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, including catalytic convertors, Diesel Particulate Filters, Exhaust Gas Recirculator Valves and turbo chargers. It also removes hard carbon build up on pistons and cylinder bores, restoring cylinder compression - it de-glazes bores without needing to rebuild the engine!

  • Flushing Oil Concentrate - Use it at the time of engine oil change. This unique product totally removes oil contaminants, including sludge, diesel soot and other particles that act as heat-retaining, abrasive, component destroying substances, including hard carbon buildup that could only be chiseled off during a rebuild! It opens up oil galleries allowing oil to do its job - lubricate, cool and clean! And, it frees sticking piston rings! Assists in fixing engine blow-by.

2 combination sizes are available, depending on determined need.


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Please note that our Ultimate Diesel Pack does NOT include RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment, as offered in the Cost Effective Maintenance Ultimate Diesel Pack

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